Case Study

The minimum scope of the case analysis must contain a minimum of 1000 words and 5 – 8 pages.  It must contain sufficient depth to demonstrate analytical skills, critical thinking, and relevant theories. After explaining theory incorporate the answers to the questions at the end of the case study.Organizational Behavior Class – Chapter outline.  Try to work in some of the topics below.  Please also incorporate the discussion questions and the end of case study.Work in OrganizationsThe Meaning of Work & Jobs in OrganizationsTraditional Approaches to Job DesignScientific ManagementJob Enlargement & Job RotationJob EnrichmentJob Characteristics TheoryEngagementAlternate Approaches to Job DesignSocial Information ProcessingErgonomics & Interdisciplinary FrameworkInternational Perspectives on the Design of WorkWork Design & Well-BeingContemporary Issues in the Design of WorkTelecommutingAlternative Work PatternsTechnology at WorkTask RevisionManagerial Implications: The Changing Nature of Work

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