Western Religion Research

What kind of person was Muhammad? How was he viewed by his family, by his followers, and by those who opposed him?Describe the type of belief and worship in Arabia at the time just before Muhammad’s religious reform. What other religions were practiced there as well?Describe as thoroughly as you can the elements in Islam that are shared with Judaism. How do Muslims view Jews and Christians?What are the two meanings of “Jihad”? What is its relevance to the understanding of Islam?Describe as thoroughly as you can the elements in Islam that are shared with Christianity and Judaism.The Qur’an forbids wine. What has this meant regarding other types of intoxicants? How has this influenced Muslim cultures? How well is this prohibition actually kept in Muslim countries?What are the roles of women in Islam? What kind of variation is there from country to country? What new developments can be expected?Describe Sufism. How was Sufism initially thought of, and how did attitudes change? How did al-Ghazali change the perception of SufismIdentify and describe the spread of Islam out of Arabia today.How has the Muslim notion of paradise influenced art, architecture, and carpet design?Identify and describe the split between Sunni and Shiite Islam. When did it first occur? How is it manifested today?Describe the pilgrimage to Mecca called the Hajj. Why is it so important in Islam?What is the literal meaning of the word “Sikh”? Why is it appropriate? Please explain your answer.When did Nanak live and what was the key moment in his life story?Describe the basic Sikh understanding of God.Describe three elements of Khalsa dress. How do these elements relate to Sikh belief?500 words

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