mythology 3 text questions

please include both the question and the answer on the document.

  1. What are three of the universal characteristics of a hero based on what you have learned in this unit?
  2. What are the four main ways that hero stories are presented in literature?
  3. What are the seven hero archetypes? Explain the purpose of one in detail.
  4. What are the twelve parts of the heroic journey? Explain the significance of one of them in detail.
  5. Explain why heroes are so important to understanding the universal psyche of humans.

Critical Thinking Questions

  1. Do you believe most people who become heroes are destined to become heroes, or do you believe anyone can become a hero? Why?
  2. A hero’s journey is often a search for something of great importance. It may be an ideal, a question that must be answered, or an item of great importance. Often the heroes neglect all else until they have found it. How do people’s individual journeys through life mirror this same search? What do you seek that is important?
  3. In our society, people often gain hero status based on their accomplishments rather than on their character. People are often looked up to because they are rich or famous, or because they are good singers or athletes. Do you think these people deserve to be labeled heroes?
  4. The heroes of myths and legend often must face threshold guardians in order to advance on their journey. How does this parallel real life? What are some threshold guardians you have had to face to advance on your journey?
  5. The shapeshifter and the villain are both trying to stop or even kill the hero and prevent him from carrying out his destiny. Which do you think is more harmful to the hero’s journey? Why?
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