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monica postThe picture that I chose is one from a previous front cover of Time magazine, featuring a portrait shot of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with “The Boss” printed in bold letters across his body and in smaller text subtitles which says, “After Hurricane Sandy and a GOP meltdown, Christ Christie is the mast of disaster”.  The picture does not make a general argument as there is only one claim, that he is THE Boss, the image most certainly employs a fallacious reasoning. Just because the New Jersey governor is of Italian descent does not implicate him as some kind of mobster, and it is most certainly a defamation to his ethnic background. As cute as Time magazine thought they were being by adding that title, in the end it is offensive.ARMOND postBasically, in this cartoon drawing it’s a political cartoon reaching out to voters of both parties. It is an image of then Donald Trump who was a candidate running for President of the United States. In the picture he is speaking to an audience that looks to be dead saying “don’t let the democrats take you for granted.” What that says to me is that since he is a republican, he is asking everyone to vote for him because he is against the democratic party. I think this image does show persuasion to a certain audience to draw voters. The image does show fallacious reasoning because he is speaking against a party.Choose any two classmates and review their main posts.Review the student’s examples for subjective and relative probability. Are their examples valid? Why or why not and explain clearly. If not, update and correct their examples.One of the key differences between relative probability and subjective probability is that relative probability requires the collection of a data sample and subjective probability is based on personal experience. In the student’s post, determine if they explained and correctly identified this difference. If incorrect, offer them a correct example. If correct, write down that method they used to collect data for the relative probability example.Review the student’s answer to the question, “Name a variable that you would expect to be normally distributed.” Do you agree? Why or why not? Offer a second example to the student of a variable that would be normally distributed.STUDENT 1 POST DEANNAOur textbook defines relative frequency probability as” A second way to determine probabilities is to approximate the probability of an event A by making many observations and counting the number of times event A occurs.” (Briggs, 2012).  For the example of relative probability, I have used the number of males and females walking into a room within an hour. The results showed 25 males and 12 females. This is relative probability because by observation I can compare how many males’ vs females come in. I can use these results for further observations.Subjective probability is an estimate based on experience or intuition (Briggs, 2012). The example I have used to explain subjective probability is the sex of the baby my sister is pregnant with. My subjective probability is that it is going to be a girl because of how many girls I have in my family and how she is carrying. This is a subjective probability because I am using the experience of seeing all the girls in my family and using my intuition of how she is carrying to determine what sex of the baby she is having.After researching the internet, I have found the normal data is symmetric. When data is skewed left it means it has larger values to the right side and lower values to the left side of the graph.  This data is negatively skewed. After not understanding what a variable of normal distribution would be I did more researching. One example that helped me understand was GPA of students. This is because there will be many low on the grading scale, many high on the grading scale, but most in the middle of the grading scale.STUDENT 2 POST MIRIAM1) During my daughter weight lifting competition. She had 10 event, but win 7 out of 10. The frequency of her winning is 7. The relative probability is 70%. Theoretical probability is kind of similar to relative probability, but its more like how many places she can place to win, and divided by how many opponents she win against, but subjective is based on whether I think my daughter was going to place 1st place.2) Well subjective probability, is base on my own personal judgment about certain out come of or event certain out come of a event. My daughter have a state weight lifting competition with a lot of competition in Florida so I think she have a 50/50 chance of getting first place. So with the other two probability the based on a out come of a event.3) Base on the research on the internet normal data is symmetric distributions. When data is skewed left its mean is typically less then the median. I think the weight is normally distributed because you have different variables that plays are part at it being another weight.

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