As a consultant who is sitting in on the meeting at Extru…

As a consultant who is sitting in on the meeting at Extrude-Rite, how would you advise the group to approach the development of a definition of quality? How can the various stakeholder concerns be addressed? How do the traits of quality need to be considered in this process? But if you had to corral the company and get them to choose a single definition for quality that best defines them as a team, how would you recommend they go about this process? Why is it important that a supplier’s definition of quality link well to the receiving organization’s definition of quality? Supplier quality is critical to the overall success of your business. As some of you noted, there could be a disconnect between two different companies of what is acceptable. What recommendations(or activities you have done in the past) to make sure that your company and your suppliers are totally in sync with quality expectations?

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