10-12 lit review about older people and their decision to work or retire

The assignment is to write a 10-12 page review that integrates findings from at least 15 peer-reviewed journal articles on your chosen topic.  You will turn in a first draft; we will have a peer review process; and you will turn in a final, revised draft along with responses to your peer reviewers.A Complete assignment will meet the following specifications:Turned in one time; meets length requirementNo more than three errors of APA style or proofreading. Paper is written in an academic voice without colloquial or informal language or phrasing.At least 15 peer-reviewed journal articles are reviewedLogically organized; stays on topic within paragraphs; headings and subheadings (if appropriate) are used correctly. The paper shows a sense of direction and contains a definite central idea supported with evidence. The writing is logical and the ideas are linked together in a logical sequence. The ideas are put together in a way that is clear to the writer and to the reader. The paper is not just a listing of articles or researchers but rather a flowing narrative incorporating both prose and citations.Introduction: The introduction includes a statement of the problem, briefly explains the significance of your topic study and acts as a way to introduce the reader to your definitions and background.Body: The body of the literature review summarizes the findings of studies that have been conducted on the topic. In several cases, multiple sources are integrated to support claims (e.g., “The majority of Americans believe the moon landing was a hoax (Smith, 2015; Wilson, 2013).”)Discussion: The discussion summarizes the body of your literature review and highlights the most important findings (in your opinion). There is a sense of completion to the whole piece in this section. Conclusions are drawn based on your analysis.Implications: You discuss any consensus or disagreement on the topic. The discussion includes any strengths and weaknesses in general of the research area. You discuss implications of the findings and/or areas for further research.HERE IS MY TOPIC PROPOSAL AND SUMMARYOlder People Dealing with the Decision of WorkFor my literature review I really liked the topic of older people and the decision to stop working. As people age, their abilities and skills change, so when is it time for some older people to stop working all together? Some older people love working even after they realize they’re abilities are changing or it might not be the best decision for them to do so. Families play a key role in determining when the time is right for older individuals to stop working. Families are naturally concerned about the older individuals in their families who work. Families must guide older individuals to make the right decisions. Once a decision is made about whether or not to work anymore, the older individual and the family must decide what is next. Whether it is retirement, a different job, or just taking time off. This topic makes me wonder about older individuals role in society, what employment opportunities for those who continue to work. With those things in mind, the older individual has to wonder is it worth it to continue working or not. Naturally there are some stereotypes about older people, and with that some discrimination might be a result. Those are all things that older people and their families must consider when making these tough decisions.

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