Welcome to Islamic Banking & Finance.

Welcome to Islamic Banking & Finance. The module will introduce students to the essential topics in Islamic Banking and Finance. The syllabus is designed for comprehensive coverage on the fundamental theory of Islamic finance and banking according to the core concepts of Shariah’ law. Thus the module will enable students to clearly explain the distinct features of an Islamic financial system along with the emerging issues that influence any future developments in Islamic finance and banking. Finally students will acquire the ability to understand the underlying principles of risk-sharing in Islamic law and how it advocates for the risk-sharing in financial transactions. To successfully complete this course students are expected to attend lectures and tutorials, read the prescribed textbook chapters, participate in class discussions, complete weekly assigned tutorial questions and the group assignment. Students MUST read varied financial publications and not merely rely on the main textbook and references to achieve reasonable grades for this module. This course adopts an integrated approach of understanding academic principles and applying to real world situations. As this module is challenging and rewarding, your participation, motivation, hard work and enthusiasm matters tremendously

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