Understand your service supply chain

The steps to help companies to swiftly get onto the road to service supply chain excellence are listed below: 1. Understand your service supply chain 2. Determine the needs of your customers and convey those needs down the supply chain 3. Obtain high quality suppliers 4. Maintain a competitive advantage by offering high value As Wal-Mart is expanding internationally into India, explain how you would implement the above 4 steps in order for Wal-Mart to build a profitable business in India. Explain each step with one paragraph. Part B Question: One of the most common challenges in project management is to be able to fulfill the triple constraint. Part A of this homework is an analysis about Wal-mart expanding into India. If you were a project manager hired by Wal-mart to build and maintain relationships with quality suppliers in India, what would your challenges be as the project manager in trying to fulfill the triple constraint while doing your job? State the challenges that you would face and how you would address each of those challenges.

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