Time Warner Cable

Introduction Background and Context: Discuss type of industry, products/services, existing channels, competition in the context of customer service, and how organizational vision and Strategies have influenced their customer service. Analysis of Customer Service Behaviors Analysis of Organizational Systems, Policies &Culture Do they have a customer centric organization culture? Why or why not? Are they providing sufficient resources for customer service? Are their policies customer friendly? Do they have a proper reward system in place? Do they have a good quality control system in place? Analysis of Individual Actions What Behaviors of the front-line people do matter the most? How do they train and empower front-line people to serve better? Analysis of the Use of Data and Technology for Customer Service Are they mining data to personalize their offerings? How are they using social media and technology to better serve the customers? How are they collecting customer feedback? Is it productive? Are they using the negative feedback to their benefits? How? How are they dealing with customer churn or employee churn? Are they trying to boost retention and loyalty? How? Analysis of Customer Turn offs What are the real customer turn offs? Are they aware of real customer turn offs? How are they handling them? How should they handle them? Analysis of their use of data and technology What do the customers expect from them? Are they able to meet or exceed the expectations? Recommendations Conclusion

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