Structure of strategic analysis assignment

Structure of strategic analysis assignment (individual) 1. Title page: Title; Author; Purpose (Course); Date; Authors 2. Index of Contents Contents 3. Overall Strategic Issue or Topic 4. Introduction: brief and concise summary of the company’s strategic positioning and the issue(s)/problem(s) contained and which are to be solved by the solutions/recommendations 5. Analysis (detailed) of environment, factors, financial information using approaches like SWOT, Porter’s Five, etc. 6. Description/explanation of strategic options identified including tradeoffs 7. Alternative strategic options including rationale 8. Implementation of alternative strategic options: requirements, timelines, cost, risks 9. Conclusion 10. Appendix: calculations, tables, list of secondary literature and works cited Read the rubric for grading of this assignment (on LEARN) to understand considerations for achieving satisfactory performance. Notes from the course syllabus: Provide a comprehensive strategic analysis of the company you are assigned to, demonstrating use of key concepts covered in the course. This analysis must be between 3 to 5 pages. 10%

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