project management plan

The project will consist of creation of a project management plan. You will need to create a project plan. In addition, you must address each deliverable and questions below. Deliverables: 1) 2,500 – 3,500 word paper addressing all questions below in “must include” section 2) 12-15 Powerpoint slides on your Project Plan *The notes section must provide the words you would say during your presentation 3) Utilize a GANTT or PERT chart to showcase performance of your project The situation: You are the project manager of a major hotel chain. The company is going to change their billing system software to completely different software. Your role as project manager is to create a project plan that integrates the new software into the current workflow with the same levels of productivity. You will need to identify key stakeholders, partner with IT, ensure training is completed for all impacted employees, gain department buy in, etc.. The new software must be implemented with 6 months to avoid interrupting the heavy travel season. Must include: – What is the project scope? – Who are the stakeholders? Does the stakeholder need to be present for project meetings? – Which are the impacted departments? – Who will conduct the training? How will training be conducted without impacting current performance? – What does the project kick-off look like? – What does the work breakdown structure look like? Who and what department have key deliverables? – Does IT have deadlines? – Does the Training Team have deadlines? – What is the definition of success? – How will you monitor progress?

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