Project Closure Plan & Final Portfolio Project

Project Closure Plan & Final Portfolio Project (350 Points) The primary objective of your Portfolio Project is to familiarize you with project management skills relevant to the process groups of planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closing. In Week 8 you will finalize a portfolio of documents representing your understanding of core components and competencies of IT project management, including project charter, project scope statement, work breakdown structure, change management processes, communication management, quality management, and project closure plan. You may choose a real project in your current organization, in another organization, the case study provided in the text (described below), or a fictitious project scenario. The project involves two options from which you choose one to help guide your writing. The details, materials and specific requirements of this project can be found in the Portfolio Project Description document linked at the bottom of the page. The following components are required for your final submission: Project Charter Project Scope Management Plan Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Communication Management Plan Project Risk and Change Management Quality Management Plan Project Closure Plan

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