Answer the following questions on this sheet with typed responses and turn in on CanvasAssignments on Monday. You don’t have to watch the Oscars to complete this sheet, althoughultimately you need to know the winners. Use the official site for help:http://oscar.go.com/nomineesDo a little research:1. Who is in the “Academy” that gives the Academy Awards?2. Use the Academy Awards ballot athttp://oscar.go.com/nominees toguesswho might win thefollowing categories based on the values the film, director, actors or cinematographers represent.Look up information on IMDb and other online movie sources if you haven’t seen the films.a. Best ActorandActress in a Leading Roleb. Best Motion PictureandBest Animated Filmc. Best Achievement in Directing (look up Spike Lee’s other films. Would you consider him anauteur? Why or why not? Other directors on this list who areauteursin your opinion?)d. Best Achievement in CinematographyThen watch the Academy Awards or review the information online or in the newspaperafter the fact to answer the following:3. Who won best actor and actress in leading roles?  What do you think the Academy wasresponding to and celebrating about these 2 performances? (Connections to this week’s readingare appreciated!)4. What film won Best Motion Picture, and Best Animated Film and why did the Academyvoters respond positively to these films in particular, in your opinion?5. Who won Best Achievement in Directing? What aspect of the film do you think led theAcademy to reward this director? Or was it an aspect of the director’s career that was beingrewarded?6. Who won Best Achievement in Cinematography? Why do you think this work was celebratedin particular?

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