investigation and a strategy

Identify at least five (5) resources you have found that you can use in your investigation and a strategy for further researching the organization Walmart. Be sure to describe these resources and what types of relevant information they provide for you to determine: Your recommendations for improving the organization’s use of data resources, data storage and processing, and related information systems that promote informed decision making by managers who are responsible for communicating business IT decisions across various functional and cross-functional departments within the organization. Your recommendations for how the organization can best uphold its legal and ethical responsibilities in relation to the management of information and information systems. Your recommendations for mitigating or eliminating security risks that your organization faces or could face. An explanation of the alignment between the organizational structure and the choice of information systems/technology, as well as the implications of misalignment between the two. The options the organization has to adapt its structure to its information systems, or vice versa. Identify the types of information system management issues Walmart will likely encounter at some point. Include some preliminary discussion about why these are important to address, and be sure to account for any assumptions you made in the process.

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