Having an effective project manager.

Unit VIII Project Management Essay. This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to choose a topic from this course and relate it to an experience you have had in the workplace. This experience can be from a current or past position you have held. The objective of thisassignment is to show how you can apply a topic from this course to a real world situation.Project Parameters: This paper is to be written in APA format, with appropriate citations and references as needed. It should be five to seven pages in length, double-spaced (not including your cover page and references page). Provide examples as they pertain to your topic. Limit them to no more than three, and be sure they relate to thetopic.Topic Suggestions: Having an effective project manager. Being an effective project manager Project goals Project portfolio development Project team experience The effects of project uncertainties Project scheduling Keep in mind these are just suggested topics. If you have any questions about a possible topic please feel free to contactyour professor for further discussion.

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