Environmental Health Problem Paper: GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE

Environmental Health Problem Paper: The intent of this paper is for you to demonstrate critical thinking regarding what you think is the most significant environmental health problem we face today. You are to give an appropriate background to substantiate your concerns and then offer one or more proposals which might be used to alleviate the issue. This paper should be written using APA style and provide a minimum of 4 references. All papers will be checked with TURNITIN which used as a plagiarism checker. No paper should be more than 50% someone else’s work. I want to know what you think, not what someone else thinks. The object is for you to write YOUR assertions in your paper, and then find other people who support your opinions/hypothesis. Be sure to give those people whom you quote or paraphrase proper credit.TOPIC: GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE3-5 PAGESAPA FORMATTIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONTDOUBLE SPACEDWORKS CITED PAGE4 OR MORE REFERENCESPAPER WILL BE SENT THROUGH A PLAGAIRISM CHECKER.

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