Engineering  soildwork HW video watcing

Please follow the following guide line to complete your SolidWorks AssignmentStep 1: (链接到外部网站。)Step 2: Log into “MySolidWorks” with your email address and password.Step 3: Click on the training tab.Step 4: Scroll down to the Certified Associate SolidWorks “CSWA Exam Prep Course link.”Step 5: Click on “starting a sketch on a plane of face” and start your first lesson and graded exercise.Note: Make sure you choose “compatible with 2019” in the drop down window.There are four separate assignments for SolidWorks HW 1- HW4 (total of 44).Finish all four HW of CSWA Exam Prep Course by watching the video and passingthe end of lesson exam. Make sure you are taking notes during the videos and are practicing the skills inSolidworks. If not, you will find you will not remember the skills or be able to use them later. Turn in ascreenshot showing your name and the completed lessons on Canvas.

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