Define your topic in your own words You’re not being gr…

Choose any one of the topics listed on the next page. Write a 3-page report containing the following components: (5pts) 1) Define your topic in your own words. (You’re not being graded on whether or not you can quote the textbook.) (10pts) 2) Give an example of your topic in a consumer behavior context. The example must contain both a photo (or photos) and a written explanation. Put the photo in the body of report and size it so it takes up less than ¼ of the page. (Text wrapping: In-line with text.) The explanation should be of not only the picture but also how it relates to the topic. (10pts) 3) Explain how the topic can both help consumers and hurt consumers depending on how it is applied. (For more abstract concepts, you will need to put them into a context.) (5pts) 4) Explain an example of how the company you work for now (or want to work for in the future) might use this concept to their advantage (e.g., to increase their image, market share, brand recognition, etc.) Don’t just talk about companies in general, but instead personalize it and apply it to a specific company.

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