Data driven Marketing research and analysis…

Module: Data driven Marketing research and analysis Subject: A structured approach A baseball or football/soccer coach does not send his team onto the field without a plan or structure in place. Strategies and tactics are planned out well before the game starts, and players have their set positions and roles. The coach may change the game plan and the team structure as the game progresses, but the team comes onto the field with a clear vision of the steps it will take to win the game. Without such structure, the team’s chances of victory are significantly reduced. Similarly, without a structured marketing research process in place, the reliability and validity of an organisation’s marketing research data will be in question, and this will increase the chances that its marketing campaign will not be successful. To prepare for this assignment: Read the Required Learning Resources (please find below references). Consider the importance of adopting a structured approach to marketing research. Think through the sequential steps involved in establishing a structured marketing research process. Reflect on how information and data are used in marketing research.To complete this exercise, in around 1000 words answer the following issues/questions: Explain what can be gained by adopting a structured approach to marketing research, such as that outlined in Wilson (2011, page 21). Explain the consequences of the approach not being followed. Illustrate your post with examples. Discussing ways in which your experiences are similar or different Extending the topic into new but relevant areas Important note: plagiarism exceeding 5% work will be rejected, use the below references. Learning Resources Required

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