Create a PowerPoint Presentation or write a paper discuss…

Create a PowerPoint Presentation or write a paper discussing your thoughts on individual privacy as it relates to National Security. Please include at least one source other than the video (both need to be referenced on a citation page). The Presentation will be at least five (5) slides not including the Title page or the Reference page. OR WRITE A PAPER: The Paper will be at least two (2) pages in APA format and include a title page, detail, and a reference page. The Title page and Reference page does not count as pages for the report. The requirements for the PAPER must include the following: A minimum of two full double-spaced APA formatted pages A minimum of two references The book as a reference, A referenced source from ProQuest, and/or A referenced source from another technical element {e.g., Microsoft, TechTarget, SearchSecurity, IEEE, SANS Institute, etc.} Do not use Wikipedia as a reference The APA formatted paper must include the following: A separate Title page A separate Reference page Minimum of two references Use this link as a guide with understanding APA format {it has examples of how to set up the Title page, Reference page, and the body of the paper}: (Links to an external site.) Do not use all quoted material from your references; you must be able to explain the concept of topic. The references are to help you validate your understanding of the topic. Plagiarism will be checked. lease watch this video. (Links to an external site.) You get to choose:

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