Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® present…

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing the evolution of business. Include information about the following points: Feudalism Mercantilism Capitalism Commerce Property rights The Industrial Revolution Provide examples and appropriate visuals to illustrate each phase of business. Include detailed speaker notes, a title slide, and an APA reference slide. Additional Requirements Min Pages: 10 Max Pages: 15 Level of Detail: Show all work Download Attachment: Week2GradingRubric.pdf Speaker’s notes are a requirement in your PowerPoint presentation submission due Sunday, April 26th. Attached are instructions on how to include speaker’s notes in your presentation. Please make sure you clearly label all slides with a header, include in-text citations for any content that is not your original thought (e.g. (Jones, 2007)), and a reference page to correspond to in-text citations you have included. You should only include high level bullet points/topics on the slide and all additional details should be included in the speaker’s notes section of the slide. This will help to prevent clutter on the slide. Please be sure to include graphics in your presentation as well. This can be pictures, graphs, charts, etc. These points are just a few of the major things I will be looking for in your presentations. Additional requirements for the assignment can be found within the Grading Rubric I have posted.

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