Couture Coffee is a specialty coffee company that prides …

Couture Coffee is a specialty coffee company that prides itself on bean selection for flavor and the highest quality control to ensure every bag of beans or ground coffee is made with the best quality Fair Trade beans. Currently, Couture Coffee does business in the United States, Canada and Brazil. As the world recovers from the recession and emerging countries’ populations have more disposable income, Couture Coffee sees this as a possible opportunity to expand further into and beyond the Americas. You have been asked to research and write a recommendation on which country would be best to consider for further global expansion. Include the following components in your recommendation: The identified/recommended country and support for reasons you feel the company could be successful in the country. Cultural information that management needs to consider in the modification of current marketing strategies and materials in order to reach customers and drive orders. Any trade barriers or treaties that need to be addressed for successful expansion into the country. Requirements: 1000-1250 words excluding the title page and references. Include an introduction and conclusion. Use 12-point font with 1-inch margins. Use at least five scholarly and/or professional sources (other than course materials) preferably written within the last five years cited in APA format. Use marketing language appropriately and reference marketing strategies where applicable.

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