Course TextPalczewski, C. H., Ice, R., & Fritch, J. (2012). Rhetoric in civic life. Strata Publishing.Briefly answer each of the questions beneath the underlined concept from Chapter Two.Terministic Screens:1. How did the Alabama Clergymen view King’s presence in Montgomery?2. How does Dr. King explain his presence? Why does he say he is there?3. What realities are “selected” and which ones “deflected” in each view of King’s presence.Resignification:1. How does he “resignify” the meaning of breaking an “unjust law”?2. Discuss how King resignifies the demonstrations that were so deplored by the Alabama Clergy.3. How does King use resignification to embrace his characterization as an “extremist”?Uses & Misuses of Language:1. What is the most prominent “condensation symbol” (i.e. “god term,” “devil term”, or “ideograph”) in King’s speech?2. Give an example of a metaphor from the Letter and explain how it directs attention to the tenor.3. Which rhetorical “misuses” of language are evidenced in the following quotes from the Alabama Clergy’s letter to Dr. King?:a. “We recognize the natural impatience of people who feel that their hopes are slow in being realized.”b. “When rights are consistently denied, a cause should be pressed in the courts and in negotiations . . .”c. “We appeal to both our white and Negro citizenry to observe the principles of law and order and common sense”

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