is an online candy store. The store pu… is an online candy store. The store purchases candies from several vendors, and one of them is Fullerton Candy Factory. The store often places orders for candies of different flavors at the same time. Each order is placed with one specific vendor. The vendors never consolidate multiple orders into one shipment, and always ship merchandise promptly. Usually, the vendors can fill the entire order in one shipment. Occasionally, however, a vendor may be temporarily out of stock of a particular item. In such cases, the vendor waits until all the items become available and ships the entire order. The vendors do not allow the store to make partial payments of invoices or settle several invoices with one payment. The store has several bank accounts, and each payment can be made from only one of those accounts. Each transaction is handled by no more than one employee. Stage 1: Database design 1. Identify the resources, events and agents for the accounting system of Draw the REA diagram using Microsoft Word (or any other software tools for graphical documentation). Be sure to include all the cardinalities. 2. Prepare a listing of the tables that you would need to create a working database. For each table, specify the primary key, the foreign key (if any), and at least 2 other attributes. very simple … identify the resources, agents and events… and draw an REA diagram listing the primary key, foreign and attributes.. for those who have knowledge in accounting information system should take them 10 minutes maximum to solve this… 40$ resources would be, for example, inventory and cash … events would be, for example, receive cash … and agents would be, for example, employee or customer.. SAMPLE REA

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