Can an employer be held liable for sexual harassment caus…

Can an employer be held liable for sexual harassment caused by its employees? Yes or No and explain in detail with examples and relevant cases. Who ever decides to answer this question needs to know that I need them to be very detail with the answer. I’m looking for an answer that is easy to understand and very comprehensive to any who-who is reading the answer. The answers need to be clear and also contain some legal examples, any other type of examples. If you mention a case I need you to provide me with a case brief. You need to answer what is sexual harassment, explain sexual harassment in detail and the consequences of sexual harassment. Please provide me with a background of sexual harassment and how it came to be, maybe even mention some employers that might have been affected it. also, explain it as if you were explaining to someone that doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment. I need it to be about two pages long. If you have a question reach me at 785- 408-0727.

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