Based on data collected from an organization in a private…

Based on data collected from an organization in a private or a public sector operating in the UAE report your findings in a report format. The report will carry the title: “Managing Change – Case Study of here put the name of the organization”. The targeted company should have gone through a major change due to a significant trigger such as a merger, acquisition, implementation of a quality system, implementing new technology, etc. Rules: 1- Your report must be structured as follows and in the following order: a. A brief introduction of the company and its business followed by your research methodology (interview? Questionnaires? Who did you interview? When? Where etc). b. Company’s reason for implementing the change. c. The Process of Change / Change model (describe how the company implemented the change and compare your findings with literature). d. Resistance (describe whether there was any resistance – who from? Why? – and how it was dealt with. Compare your findings with literature). e. Critical Success Factors of Change Management based on your collected data – Compare your findings with literature. f. Summary g. List of references 2- You must use Harvard style for citations and referencing. Avoid plagiarism by making proper citations. You are not allowed to use any other referencing style. 3- You must NOT exceed 14 A4 pages including the cover sheet (if you must use one) and the references page. No need for table of contents. 4- You must use Times New Roman font size 12 at 1.5 spacing. 5- I don’t mind you using websites for information and reference, but remember that the Internet today is full of clutter and I strongly urge you to rely more on papers published in reputable journals.

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