Two questions for a discussion board answers must be at least 10 to 15 sentences a eachBook : Anthropology: what does it mean to be human  third editionby Lavenda/SchultzQuestion #1 (Immigration and Ethnic Identity)Chapter 12 uses Muslim immigration in Europe, especially France, to illustrate how immigration and politics are related.  In recent times, a similar debate over immigration from the Middle East and refugees has arisen in the United States and has become a hot topic of debate in national, state, and local elections.  What are some of the larger processes that have created the immigration “problem” of today?  Summarize the key points concerning multicultural politics in contemporary Europe and the US that have impacted immigration particularly of Muslim minorities (Europe) and Hispanics (U.S.).Question #2 (HTS and Anthropological Ethics)Chapter 12 features a section on “Human Terrain Teams and Anthropological Ethics.”  After having read this section, answer the following question: Should anthropologists work for military organizations?  What are the potential dangers involved for both the anthropologist and those involved in such a study?  Include a discussion of anthropological ethics in your response.

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