All assignments should be formatted according to APA 6th …

All assignments should be formatted according to APA 6th Edition standards including the title and reference page. Review the SBT Research Paper Rubric located in the “Start Here” section of the course for more information on grading criteria. The Assignment Proposal – 5% The research paper is an assignment consisting of four different papers that you will submit over the course of the term. The four papers build on one another as they are submitted. The first assignment is a research paper proposal. Students should research the literature for the topic they select and prepare a paper that is two to three without the cover page, abstract or reference pages (APA format) on their findings. The paper should propose a fictional company then incorporate their findings from their research and justify a business case for the use of the technology. The paper should include some references (at least five) that support the points you make in the paper. Suggested topics: (Students may suggest their own) Advertising on the Web: options and trends Search engine optimization, use and strategies Security issues, problems and solutions in organizational IT systems Legal and technical problems and solutions in medical IT systems Security on the Internet: problems and solutions Facilitation of collaborative work using IT systems Using virtual reality in businesses A case study: a successful strategic IT system A case study: a failed IT development project Customer privacy issues Challenges and solutions using social media Data mining RFID: trends and challenges

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